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Uniquely first in the market, Turcomp Holoworld Sdn. Bhd. innovates as a one of a kind holographic technological company that specializes in creating realistic holographic aquarium, made and designed in Malaysia, and a technological marvel of Malaysia. Our holographic capabilities and application are limitless. We are able to apply our proprietary technologies into all sorts of environment, enabling our customers to express on visuals that have never been seen before.

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Look through the amazing fish available. From sea water fish to salt water fish, you name it we have it. What are you waiting for? Collect as much fish as you can and show your friends the amazing fish that are not only beautiful but also are proven to calm your mood and ensure that you balance all the 5 elements in your life. Don’t have a 3D Hologram Aquarium yet? Buy one now!

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Want to know more about our products? Still not sure whether this is for you? Have some questions to be answered before taking the next step? Don’t worry, we are always here to help you. You can reach us through our social media streams or fill up this form and our representatives will assist you immediately.

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